ADEK requirement of minimum attendance for CAIE registered students May- June 2023 exam series

Dear Parent and Students,

Greetings from Al Ain Juniors School!

Please note the following Criteria to appear for the CAIE-IGCSE/O’ levels/ ASL/ AL Board Examinations:

•    As per school attendance policy it is mandatory that all students registered for CAIE-2023 maintain a minimum attendance of 92%.
•    It is mandatory for all students to write all school based exams.

Also note the following guidance from ADEK Framework on attendance and punctuality.

•    Outstanding: attendance at 98% and student is punctual to school and lessons
•    Very Good: Attendance is at least 96% is considered as student almost always arrive at school and lessons on time.
•    Good: Attendance is at least 94% is considered as student usually arrive to school on time.
•    Acceptable: Attendance at least 92%
•    Weak: Attendance is less than 92%
•    Very Weak: Attendance is less than 90%

Hence, we advise you to see to it that your child attends school regularly during all the terms. Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.


-    AJB Administration