Updated Information of Term 2

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Al Ain Juniors School! We hope this finds you safe and well.

Please find below a copy of the official media announcement regarding the return to school update.

Based on the above official media announcement and update received from ADEK, we would like to notify all our parents and students that our school is placed on Distance Learning for the first two weeks of Term - 2 starting from 3rd January 2022 to 14th January 2022.

This is to help guarantee everyone’s safety whilst we settle back into the term. We will work closely with ADEK regarding the remainder of the term and let you know as soon as we have any further news.

As all of us know and realize that “The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings”. It is reassuring to see that unfazed by circumstances, we all stand united in endeavouring to identify and maximize learning opportunities for our students.

On completing term 1 of AY 2021-2022 through both Face to face and digital online learning along with personal mentoring, we hope that your children are well equipped and equally passionate to continue learning during Term 2 and the following information will guide you and your children during first two weeks of Term 2.

Following the announcement of the U.A.E. government regarding the new work week, please read thoroughly and get familiar with the new Class Time Table when classes begin from Monday, 3rd January 2022. Class Teachers will share the new class timetable with the parents and students by their respective classes. This timetable will be equally applicable to Distance Learning Mode as well and hence students are expected to attend classes as per time table using Microsoft Office login credentials on respective class/subject teams.

Please click on the below links for:

AJB KG  https://alainjuniors.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/HOCNreopeningteam/EsKtHtZawcREpk8zWS2brdkB-FBPucZ2VVqALRboqhRdXQ?e=IsFpSx 
AJB Primary  https://alainjuniors.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/HOCNreopeningteam/EnBcfO30TQdGrvXWhAMU8g8BVsPmNQlDmkEsJkcuGieHzw?e=wPhSdx
AJB Secondary   https://alainjuniors.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/HOCNreopeningteam/ElSi14hy9TBEgPLsSoemrFcBIjPHNwvCdXtr5bVE8cE0AQ?e=18eeXn
AJI KG  https://alainjuniors.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/HOCNreopeningteam/Enn-QFViq6JNon50dIdcDP0BQXv0g_2UaYg_0QL9rRBngQ?e=Egw5XO
AJI Primary  https://alainjuniors.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/HOCNreopeningteam/Em1EGc4NNppClI3S7fbAXmUBI9p7waF_RWrqZVfvDN6whA?e=gbqkvj
AJI Secondary  https://alainjuniors.sharepoint.com/:f:/s/HOCNreopeningteam/EkQyLfKJXFZOqiesT149nbwBKW4wviAIOr8WWCPDT71oPQ?e=k07Xmv


⦁    School Office Timing (From 3 January 2022) - 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. School safety guidelines, Health and Safety protocols to be followed will apply.

Payment of School Fees
⦁    School Fees - We highly appreciate and thank the parents who kept their fee payment record up to date and have paid all their dues on time.
⦁    Modes of Payment: Those who are still having fee dues may kindly pay and clear all dues through the following methods 1) Nexopay app, 2) Bank transfer and 3) On-site transaction.
⦁    Parents still having Fee Dues of their children are requested to clear before 6th January 2022 (Thursday) to avoid the following consequences:
* Term 1 report card will not be issued.
* Tuition Services will be suspended from 10th Jan’22 till the outstanding amount is paid in full.

Mode of Communication Between School, Parents and Students
We will be adopting the following means of communication to reach out to you all as well as support students during the distance learning program:
1. Website: http://www.alainjuniors.com/
      Stay tuned for the latest Information.
2. Microsoft Teams–Teaching and Learning Tasks, Activities, Assignments etc.
3. Emails–Teachers shall keep you informed with the latest updates.
4. SMS

Hotlines for Parents/Students:
Reach out to us for help! The School has formed a Response team to handle all your queries related to Microsoft Teams/Distance Learning. This team shall serve as the Helpdesk during the launch of the Distance Learning Platform to make sure that all students are confident and comfortable with this online mode of teaching & learning.


Please click the link below to read the important guidelines for students & parents.


Thank you once again for your understanding and exceptional support, and we wish everyone safety in these uncertain, worrying and challenging times.

Please stay safe, and let us all welcome the New Year 2022 with a positive outlook and great expectation amidst the pandemic.

Best Wishes
AJS Administration