What has happened so far?

Academics: We are moving forward with the reaffirmed vision of “nurturing our young people to be achievers of extraordinary determination, who set right goals in areas of education, morality, attitude, and ethics and values.".

This year we embarked with measuring of students learning outcomes in relation to Student Competence framework that extends the tradition and strengths of the school and that responds to needs of integrating competences and values into our teaching and learning. Our school curriculum has gone through remarkable school-based developments for the upcoming academic year. This is aimed at providing a holistic curriculum of secondary education to meet the needs of the future.

Our goal for our school is that our students acquire the values and life skills essential to live and to serve in tomorrow’s world. During the current academic year, there have been many changes in curriculum design and pedagogies responding to the situation. Strategies of special groupings are employed in Languages, Mathematics and other subject areas to cater for the full range of needs. Many teachers used their spare time to organize make-up lessons and CARE sessions to take care of individual students’ learning needs. We give our heartfelt appreciation to each one of them for their professional dedication. We also thank the CONNECT PARENT TEAM for their participation and feedback towards school improvement. In view of the increasing number of students with special educational needs (SEN), a SEN team has been formed this school year and a SEN teacher has been appointed to cater to the needs of SEN students.

Children to Children: Our Sports day theme was in line with the Year of Giving initiative, our student body participated by donating sports gears and equipment via the Red Crescent.

School wide Student led conference was held to allow students to share their work, learning goals, achievements demonstrating ownership and responsibility for their learning. The purpose of student-led conferences is to open the eyes of students to their own learning and to help them take personal responsibility for their progress.

Hosted Inter school Arabic competition – showcasing student’s excellence in Arabic language. About 10 schools participated and AJB grabbed the overall champion’s trophy.

Math and Physics Quiz Contests – intra school quiz contests ensured our students remain always ahead of the rest in terms of intellectual and cognitive development.

Youth Earth Summit – students participated in the summit and presented their school action plan on being a sustainable school. Eco Summit - students participated in the summit and presented the school audits and projects on sustainability

Abu Dhabi Reads – school conducted Mannequin Challenge to create awareness among students about the importance of reading and also hosted its annual Reading Restaurant – Inviting parental cooperation in strengthening students reading habits and introducing new authors and books.

Innovation week – was conducted to bring out students scientific, inquiry, literacy and art skills and talents

AJMUN – was hosted to allow mock committees discuss and understand the global issues

Scratch competition - The programming competition gave our students an opportunity to apply their innovative thinking skills to create a variety of applications including (but not limited to) educational games, science and cultural apps, mobile and web-based tools: all for learning purposes.

International Collaboration: Grades 5 & 6 collaborated on a British council project with a international school in INDIA – on wastage of food/importance of saving food.

“100 days of positive education”: The school has successfully implemented and will continue with the initiative of Ministry of happiness with various activities. The objective of the initiative is to instill positive education practices in schools.

School wide Behaviour Program:
We sincerely thank all our parents of Grades 1 to 9 for attending the parent engagement evenings conducted throughout the year on the above subject. We dearly appreciate your feedback and support in bringing about the amendments in our discipline and behaviour policy. School has seen growing positive impact on student behaviour and conduct.

What is to come?

Academic: Our students will be working on various curricular projects, enrichment events & activities throughout the year that will be initiated from September 2017. Students will have ample opportunities to participate and utilize skills learnt during lessons.

Council of Happiness: We will be introducing the Council of Happiness to our already existing student councils, which were established this year and hope to improve on the students’ happiness quotient in the school and during their lessons.

International Collaboration: Grade 3 & 4 students shall collaborate with an international school in India on a project OUR CULTURE. The aim of the project is to familiarize the learners with various aspects of the cultural heritage of a country (UAE, Sudan, Egypt, Pakistan, Srilanka, Philippines, India etc.

Moral Education Program: In line with UAE’s national agenda, MEP- moral education program will be rolled out from September for KG to Grade 9. Forty minutes per week will be dedicated in the timetable towards helping our children learn range of important values which will further enhance their holistic development

Teaching & Learning: For academic year 2017-18- Digital Resources will be introduced for English & Math to support our students’ needs in learning. School is investing in Collins and Math space digital resources to impact on student attainment and progress.