School Office Closure and Opening: School Office will close for summer break from 7th July 2017 to 2nd September 2017.  The school office will commence work for the new academic year on 3rd September 2017

School Timings: Grades1 to 12  - 7:30 am. to 1:50 pm. Kindergarten - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Bus Transport: If your child is availing the bus transport facility, the school will contact you informing the bus number, driver and the bus supervisor of your child during the first week of September.

House Colours: AJB takes many statistics into consideration in determining the house colours of the students. This is in order to keep a proper balance of the numbers of male and female students and their age ranges within the four houses of the school. Therefore, we strongly discourage parents from requesting changes in house colours of the students as well.

New Class Lists: The new class lists will be available in school in the first week of September, as parents come to school for the books and uniforms. The class lists are made giving careful consideration to the demographic details, the number of boys and girls in a class (from KG to Gr.12), students’ learning styles and learning aptitudes. AJS recruits the best possible teachers after a screening process by the Human Resources and Academic departments and we believe that learning happens through good student centered teaching and not through a preferred teacher. Therefore, we strongly advise you to abstain from making requests for change of sections. The decision of the school will remain final.

Baseline Assessment (for Grades 1 to 12): Students of all Grade levels are required to make a study schedule to revise their topics done in previous grade level for all the Core and compulsory subjects. The Baseline Assessment shall take place from 17th to 21st Sept 2017 for Grades 1 to 12. These will be part of their formative assessments and impact on forecast grades and will facilitate target setting for students. This good practice will help the students to utilize their summer break in a focused manner and ultimately to do well in their class academically.  Note: Baseline Assessments should be taken with a serious mindframe to ensure enhancement in individual students’ grades and learning targets.