Welcome Back to School 2018

Dear Parents, On behalf of management, we welcome your children back to school after the winter break with warm wishes of a happy and prosperous new year and years to come.

On the advent of this New Year, we hope your children enjoy good education with greater discipline under a safe, secure and happy environment in AJS. It is always our continuous desire, conviction and commitment to achieve this for the overall development of your children and expect your partnership and cooperation in this regard.

We would like to inform you of the recent changes done in the academic leadership in both AJ Indian and British systems:

Ms. Aishah Siddiqua will not be continuing in Al Ain Juniors as the Principal any more. She expressed her inability to continue prior to the winter break due to health reasons. We extend our thanks and gratitude to her for her contribution in various leadership positions during her tenure in AJS and wish her good health and prosperity in her life and career ahead.

  • Mr. Mohammed Gaffar will be officiating as ‘Acting Principal’ till a new Principal is appointed soon. He will continue to lead the AJ Indian System Secondary (Gr 7-12) as well.
  • Dr. Parag Gandhi, a highly qualified educationist with a PhD and with experience in leadership roles in US, UK & UAE will continue as Vice Principal of AJ British System Secondary (Gr 7-12).
  • Ms. Cecily Davis has been upgraded to the position of Vice Principal in AJ British System Primary (Gr 1 - 6). She was heading Gr 10-12 earlier as a Phase Coordinator.
  • Ms. Suzan Hendricks, experienced in Early Years is heading the Kindergarten section as the KG Coordinator for both the Indian and British Systems.
  • We are pleased to announce that Ms. Humera Sharief has joined as a Vice Principal of AJ Indian System Primary (Gr 1-6). Being highly qualified and vastly experienced, with over 20 years in various teaching and leadership positions, she will reinforce the leadership and strengthen the faculty for greater benefit of the students of the Indian system. Ms. Humera has previously worked as Vice Principal in AJS prior to 2009.

Highly qualified Heads of Departments (HODs) in various subjects have also been appointed to improve student attainment and progress. A new position of Personality Development Officer (PDO) has been assigned to Mr. Ummer Farooq who will be responsible for developing extra-curricular activities and organizing appropriate external exposure to our students.

We are also pleased to inform you that professional education consultants from Focal Point Management Consultancy (corporate office of AJ Group), have been assigned to oversee and support AJ leadership in all academic areas of governance from this term. With their support, guidance and involvement in AJ, we expect to see further improvements in all areas in the development and learning of students.

Finally, we encourage you to please visit the Al Ain Juniors School website at www.alainjuniors.com for regular updates. All events, important information, circulars and any announcements are uploaded as and when they are issued. We wish to discontinue communication to parents through hard copy circulars and resort to paperless communication in future. Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated.


Best wishes,
AJ Group Management