Welcome Back to Term 2

Dear Valued Parent(s),
We wish you a Great 2018 filled with hope, happiness and success and we warmly welcome you back to second term of academic year 2017-18. This is the term during which the teachers will cover a most of the portion of the grade level syllabus and the next few months will be marked by Mocks and post mid-year exams, annual examinations for different grade levels, various events and an active sports and curriculum enrichment programmes.

We are all excited with the upcoming term as there are various activities and programmes planned that we are sure will excite and encourage as well as challenge our students.

A team from Focal Point Management Consultancy will be working with the school for at least this term, helping in a number of areas. From time to time, they will ask to talk to groups of students and parents about various aspects of their experience with the school. This is designed to bring about positive change where it is needed.

This term will see a push on improving behavior as we will be implementing the newly revised Behavioral and Management Policy. Although we acknowledge that the teachers and the school are responsible for a long period of time during the students stay in school, we are expecting your full support in this matter as we want to make our students be more responsible of their actions, to be more independent and to lessen the grievances in the school. There will be very clear expectations for students with a clear set of rewards and sanctions. These will be relayed to all students in assemblies at the start of term. A small number of students will be subject to a reporting system that requires them to have their parent’s signature at the end of the day. If your child is one of these students, you will be notified separately.

We would also like to restart the Parent’s Group. Rather than this just being a forum for discussion, we would like to include parents who are happy to volunteer in many areas that help the school community. If you would like to be part of this group, please contact Ms. Nesrin at (03) 781 0077 loc 107 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will also be conducting three ‘Parenting’ information sessions for interested parents during the rest of this academic year. These will be on topics such as managing teenagers, cyber-bullying and cyber-security and health issues associated with children. We hope these will be of use to the school community and link parents to experts in these areas. The first session, which will be about health issues, will be on Thursday, 22nd February at 4:30 pm. Each session will last one hour.

We are very keen to provide students with opportunities to expand their interests in the music, arts and drama field. Al Qattara Arts Institute will be showing a number of locally-produced films, all free of charge, between January and the end of March, while the Abu Dhabi Festival has two events: ‘The Merchants of Bollywood’ and a traditional Indian dance performance, both at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. In March, the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature will take place in Dubai and there are a number of interesting authors who hold sessions to talk about their books. This year there are several Indian authors including Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagut. For fans of mystery and suspense, there is a session with Anthony Horowitz. Those who love words and poetry may be interested in ‘For the Love of Words’, an evening with a number of local and international poets reciting their work. This takes place on Tuesday, 6th March. We will draw the attention of students to the board for further information so, if you are interested, please ask the students to bring home the details!

*Note: From time to time there is a need to speak to someone at the school. Sometimes this is the class teacher; at other times it is a member of senior staff. So we have an opportunity to gather background information and investigate a matter, we would ask that you contact the school to tell us what the issue is and arrange for a meeting 24 hours in advance. This will ensure the matter can be dealt with in one meeting rather than two when you need to return after the investigation has been done.


Thank you.

Al Ain Juniors School Administration