Circulars from the Principal and Administration

All circulars from the administration or the Principal will be uploaded on the website here, in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.

March 2018

AJI year-end circular 2017-18

Cir No.37B.circular FOR eTIMSS grade 8

Cir.No.37A.circular FOR eTIMSS grade 4

Februray 2018

AJI Grade 7-12 Annual Exam portion (subject wise)

AJI Final Exam Schedule

Cir No.37. Letter to Parents of Latecomers

January 2018

Cir No. 34. MaRRS International Spelling Bee

Cir No 29. AJI.CBSE Exam Schedule - Grade 10&12

Cir No 28. Welcome Back to School 2018

Cir No 27.AJI Second Term 2017-18


2017 Circulars

Cir No 26.Language Policy

Cir No 24.AJI Winter Break

Cir No 25.Letter to Parents for No Bag

Cir No 23.Grade 11 Math Class

Cir No 21.KG - Letter to Parents for AJS Colours of the World 2017

Cir No 20. UAE National Day & Colors of the World Carnival

Cir No 19.Annual Day Practice

Cir No 18.Letter to Parents for AJS Annual Day 2017

Cir No 17.KG Visit to Al Ain Museum

Cir No 12.KG Eat Right Get Active Week

Cir No 10 Career Fair - Educationary

Cir No 8 Math Stay Back Program

Cir No 9 Festival of Crafts and Traditional Industries 2017

KG.School Parent Handbook 2017-2018

KG. AJI.Little Mathematician.Circular

KG. All About Me Circular

KG.Poster Making

KG.I Care Week

Announcement Formal Assessment 1.Secondary

Cir No 7 Formal Assessment 1.Secondary A.Y. 17-18

KG.Blue Day circular

KG.Yellow Day circular

Cir No 5 Election debate AJI_2017-18

JKG.Circular for Alphabets

Cir No 2 Al Hijri holiday

Circular No.1 AJI Welcome back circular after summer vacation

Letter to Parents Regarding Students Punctuality

AJI - Summer Circular 2017

AJI Year End Circular 2016-17

Guide to identify Trees in Abu Dhabi

ISeeATree Collector App Guide Doc

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