Al Ain Juniors Indian Curriculum

AJ Indian System is accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education, India.

Grades 1 to 8

Our curriculum is based on an integrated method of teaching where along with respected textbooks, the schools own well-designed workbooks are provided, making learning more exciting and comprehensive. Learning is supported by audio-visual aids, experimentation and project work; exhibitions and field trips form an integral part of the curriculum

Subjects we cover include English, Mathematics, IT, Science, Social Science, Islamic Studies or Moral Science, General Arabic, UAE Social Studies, General Knowledge.
High School Curriculum

The syllabus for Secondary and Senior secondary levels is provided by the CBSE and is supplemented by relevant and practical activities designed by our own teaching staff to support each key concept. Students are encouraged to study a broad curriculum which offers many pathways to excellence.

Secondary (Grade 9 to 10)

Subjects covered include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Islamic Studies or Moral Science, General Arabic and a choice of the second language (Hindi, Malayalam, or French).

Senior Secondary (Grade 11 to 12)

At this important stage in a student's academic development, AJ Indian System offers the Science Stream and the Commerce stream. Within each stream, our students are able to select the subject combination that most suits their skills and abilities, and is best fitted to their chosen career path.

The Science Stream offers a choice of these four combinations:

PCMB: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English
PPCB: Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, English
PCMC: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, English
PPMC: Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English

The Commerce Stream offers a choice of these three combinations:

ABME: Accounting, Business Studies, Marketing, Economics, English
ABME: Accounting, Business Studies, Maths, Economics, English
ABPE: Accounting, Business Studies, Psychology, Economics, English