Information for New Academic Year 2017-18

School Office Closure and Opening: School Office will close for summer break from 7th July 2017 to 2nd September 2017.  The school office will commence work for the new academic year on 3rd September 2017

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Highlights of the Month

Summer Break

When:   23rd June 2017 to 9th September 2017
Venue:  Al Ain Juniors School

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Last Day for Students

When:   22nd June 2017
Venue:  Al Ain Juniors - Indian System

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Looking Back & Forward

What has happened so far?

Academics: We are moving forward with the reaffirmed vision of “nurturing our young people to be achievers of extraordinary determination, who set right goals in areas of education, morality, attitude, and ethics and values.".

This year we embarked with measuring of students learning outcomes in relation to Student Competence framework that extends the tradition and strengths of the school and that responds to needs of integrating competences and values into our teaching and learning. Our school curriculum has gone through remarkable school-based developments for the upcoming academic year. This is aimed at providing a holistic curriculum of secondary education to meet the needs of the future.

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