Looking Back

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Al Ain Juniors School was established in the year 1989 as a Nursery in the city of Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates , licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs. It added its formal levels of Primary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary, gradually upgrading one level each year. Our first batch of grade 12 appeared for its first Board exams in the year 2004.

A parallel system following the British curriculum was initiated and the school started constructing its own building in the city’s school zone. The first phase was completed in the year 2003 and AJ shifted its British school to its new campus. A year later the second phase was completed and the Indian system of AJ moved in 2004, thus reaching a significant milestone in the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’.

Al Ain Juniors with its two systems following two different curricula runs under one Trade, MOE and Chamber of Commerce License. Two separate wings house all their requirements separately - right from the reception areas to the science labs, computer labs, libraries, multi-purpose halls and going up to the academic, the administration departments and the faculty members.

The Managing Director Mrs. Tanveer Arshad is the founder member of the institution and is a member of its Constitution and the Board of Directors. It’s her vision and passion shared by her family and colleagues, which played a vital role in the school’s phenomenal growth and still is a driving factor in the group’s expansion.

Major Highlights through the years..

  • Al Ain Juniors School receives Band A in ADEC’s first inspections

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    In November 2012 Al Ain Juniors School was inspected by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). We were delighted to be one of only a handful of schools in Al Ain that received the coveted A-band for teaching standards. We are certainly the best value school in town! We would like to thank the trainers at Focal Point Education Consultancy for their input and support in the months before the inspection.

  • Zakher Private School established

    zps established

  • Al Ain Juniors School moves to the new building

    aj new building

  • Hope Centre opens for special needs students

  • Cambridge affiliation obtained

  • Al Ain Juniors School licensed for primary classes

    licensed for primary classes

    CBSE affiliation obtained

  • Al Ain Juniors Nursery established

    ajn established