Welcome Back to School Term 2 - S.Y 2022- 2023

Dear Valued Parents,

Happy New Year! On behalf of the Management and staff at the Al Ain Juniors School, we are happy to welcome your children back to school from a well-deserved winter break. We hope they enjoyed the vacation and are back well rejuvenated and ready to begin their classes with all the vigor, focus, and enthusiasm as we move on into a new term.

Kindly note the following important information for the school re-opening:

Refer to below tables for School reopening day, new school timing for all students from KG to Grade 12. Please note carefully and adhere to the given schedule and safety guidelines on new timings, gate entry/exit, and students coming late

School reopening term 2


In order to avoid overcrowding and traffic congestions; safe and smooth entry/exit of students having their own transport, parents/designated guardians are requested to adhere to following instructions

For KG students:
•    Gate A8 opens for entry of KG students at 8:00 a.m. only and closes at 8: 25 a.m. daily. Students will not be allowed to enter after 8:25 a.m.
•        Students cannot enter school premises through the specified gate if they do not present their student ID card, and appropriate school uniform (including school jacket).

For Grade 1 to 12 students:
•    Gate A7 opens for entry of students from Grade 1 to 12 at 7:10 a.m. only and closes at 7:40 a.m. daily. Students will not be allowed to enter after 7:40 a.m.
•        Students cannot enter school premises through the specified gate if they do not present their student ID card, and appropriate school uniform (including school jacket).
•        Parents or designated Guardians can accompany their children only up to the entry gates (A7) and will not be allowed to enter inside the school.
•    At let off time, parents and designated guardians will be required to enter the school premises (only up to the designated area).
•    Please come on time to pick your children as we have no provision for care taking. The school shall hold no responsibility of child safety and security after the prescribed daily opening and closing time as mentioned in the undertaking during admission.

Punctuality: It is very important for our students to be punctual to school. This is in line with our core values of the school and to inculcate responsible attitude and behavior amongst them. We would appreciate if parents make an effort to bring and pick up their children to and from school ON TIME. The names of students who are late will be recorded and a letter will be sent to the parents of students who are late more than 3 times and disciplinary action will be taken against such students. We also would like to remind parents not to take their children earlier than the set dispersal time as students will lose learning time.

Mobile Phones and Other Gadgets: The school does not allow students to bring their mobile phones or any other gadgets to school. Please make sure your children abide by this school policy. Any gadgets found with the student will be confiscated and will only be released once parents come to school to claim them.

School Uniform (Student dress code): All students must come in neat uniform including their student I.D.’s and children must wear full school uniform each day to school. The school policy requires ALL students to use their I.D.’s at all times while they are in the school premises.

Celebration Of Student Birthdays In School: Kindly note that school does not allow celebration of Birthdays in school. Students are allowed to come in a decent colored dress on the day of their birthday for Kindergarten to Grade 6 only. The school does not permit the students to bring and distribute any kind of foodstuff not just during birthdays but on any day including chocolates and toffees, fizzy drinks and any kind of chips. Please be assured that at Al Ain Juniors, student’s health, safety and security are given the highest priority. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that our teachers and other members of staff deliver the best services for the benefit of our students in important matters of child protection, health, discipline and behavior as per our Policy which is in line with ADEK and Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) regulations. We always work with our valued parents and students to ensure that Federal and National Safety Regulations are enforced.
Meeting School Personnel: Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Vice Principal/ Subject Coordinator/ HODs if you have any concern about your child's education. Prior Appointments can be made via front office.
Mode of Communication between School, Parents and Students We will be adopting the following means of communication to reach out to you all as well as support students.
•    Website: http://www.alainjuniors.com - Stay tuned for the latest Information.
•    Emails –Teachers shall keep you informed with the latest updates.
•    SMS
•    WhatsApp

- This is a one-way communication channel from the school to parents for important updates and latest news.
- Please contact Front Office for assistance to ensure your WhatsApp number is registered with the school to add you to the broadcast list.
- Save our Number to your contact list at +971 56 949 1164

•    Feedback Helpdesk (SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US)

- We value your feedback and strive to provide service that is fair, efficient, and delivered to the best of our ability
- Go to our school website and click on the Feedback link.


Day Work Timing
Monday - Thursday 7:30 am – 3:00 pm
Friday    7:30 am – 11:30 am

School Fees – We highly commend the parents who kept their fee payment record up to date and have paid all their dues on time.

•    Parents of the students with Fee Dues are requested to clear before 16th December 2022 (Friday) to avoid the following consequences:

- Term 1 report card will not be issued.
- Tuition Services will be suspended till the outstanding amount is paid in full from 10th January 2023 (Tuesday).


Modes of Payment: Those who are still having fee dues, kindly pay and clear all dues through the following methods.

On-site transaction and online payments are accepted through the parent portal Zenda. Detailed information about the App is available on the school website: http://www.alainjuniors.com/online-fee- payment

Wishing you and your family a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2023!

Thank you.

- AJS Administration