Innovation Week (20-24 November 2016)

“Innovation is not an option but a necessity.  It is not a culture but work style, and governments and companies that do not innovate risk losing their competitiveness and falling far behind.”

These words were beautifully ingeminated by the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who launched the UAE Innovation Week 2016 where entities from the public, private and the academic sectors could showcase their innovations.
UAE Innovation Week is a nationwide celebration of innovation for everyone in the UAE. It is one of the largest novelty and modernization initiatives in the world and a consolidated effort by the government, the private sector and individuals to help create a widespread culture of innovation in the UAE and strengthen its position as a global hub for innovation.

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On this special note, 20th November 2016 marked the beginning of an outstanding week held at AJ. A wide variety of activities and programs took place in the name of this exceptional occasion being the Innovation Week. The program was coordinated by the joint efforts of the students, teachers, staff and our acclaimed heads. It also included the Art and Literary Competitions. ‘Innovation Week’ was so successful that it would be cherished in the memories of all current AJites forever. It was a five- day program which included several profoundly exciting and energizing events.

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 Basically, this wonderful week took off with the preparation for the extraordinary Innovation week – Open Day . Large number of students took part in the exhibition making it a grand success. With a fervent and zealous passion, the students worked on their original and innovative ideas to create working models which was followed by an incomparable presentation and beautifully illustrated exposition.
The majestic event also included rooms designated for specific cultures, topics and languages. But a physics project related to Cere-bro, Robotics , Rocket technology and Home Automation were some of the main attractions Business challenge by the students of grade 11 and 12 belonging to the commerce batch showed their metal in marketing the brand AJI. Special rooms depicting UAE culture and heritage welcomed people with Ghahwa and dates and stamped UAE traditions and heritage on the hearts of 'the people On the stage a group of students from grade 1-6 welcomed the guests with a stunning welcome dance. AJ Band rocked on the stage by expressing the spirit of the union through music. Innovative “maths dance” used magic of lights to present the maths in the most simplest way.

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It was indeed a proud moment for the school and everyone who had taken part in the event. I guess it is in the blood of all AJites to organize events that only turn successful. I can’t even imagine how stupendous our future would turn out after witnessing all these innovative ideas. It has restored my faith in humanity and has left with me great expectations for the future.