Mesmerizing Sports day at Al Ain Juniors School

The 27th sports day organized by Al Ain juniors as part of the UAE’s Year of giving enthralled the public with the exceptional display of talents and skills.

The sports meet was organized with the theme ‘from children to children’ with the aim of inculcating among the students the value of ‘Joy in Giving’. The sports equipment that the students of Al Ain Juniors donated for the less privileged children were handed over to the RED CRESCENT in the presence of the chief guest and other dignitaries.

More than 2500 students participated march past and the Giving parade which followed it filled the parents and spectators with excitement and jubilance.  The mesmerizing displays and the formations based on UAE’s Mars mission made the public spellbound.

Sports day 2017 2

Sports day 2017 4

Sports day 2017 12

Sports day 2017 5

The mesmerizing displays and the formations based on UAE’s Mars mission made the public spellbound.

Sports day 2017 6

Sports day 2017 7

Sports day 2017 14

Sports day 2017 11

The sports meet commenced with the releasing of 27 doves to the sky to meet the horizons.

Sports day 2017 10

The thought-provoking words of the chief guest, Mr. Salam RAkkath Al Amari instilled in the heart of the spectators the urgent need for charity and helping the weak and those who are deprived of basic needs of life. “This initiative not only a novel act but also one that could inspire the children to develop and foster in them the humane values and one that could raise the moral of those who are deprived of their basic rights and needs”, he said

Sports day 2017 13

Mr. Arshad Sharif, Chairman of AJ group in his address to the gathering said “Fitness through sports and fun is the motto of sports department of Al Ain Juniors. However, this initiative to donate games articles gave it a human touch.

The preparation for the mega event had begun early in the month of November. When His Highness shaik Khalifa bin sayed al Nahyan, the Ruler of UAE announced the year 2017 as the year of giving, the new initiative undertaken by Al Ain Juniors school received a fresh impetus.

Sports day 2017 8

Sports day 2017 9

As the second module to this undertaking, in the month of April, there will be the donation of food items and other unavoidable necessities of life, announced the Managing director of AJ Group of schools, Mrs. Thanveer Arshad.  The mega event organized under the abled hands of Mr. Sahid Saroj, Mrs. Ayisha Siddiqui, Principal of AJ welcomed the gathering and Mr. Mohd. Gaffar, Academic head of CBSE section of Al Ain Juniors rendered the vote of thanks.