Dear Valued Students & Parents,

Welcome Back after a rejuvenating and refreshing summer vacation. We hope you had a relaxing holiday and were able to spend valuable quality time as a family.

Welcome & Farewell
We warmly welcome our new faculty and students who have joined the AJS School this academic year. We bid farewell to members of staff who have gone back to their countries for good. We thank them for their service & contribution to the School.

New Leadership Structure at AJS
In line with the vision and policy of the school Management to bring in constant improvements in the core aim of students learning and achievements as per the needs of the 21st century, the school is continually looking for ways to address these issues that help achieve these objectives. School reform efforts are also well underway all across UAE by the Authorities and institutions and they run the gamut from raising standards to redesigning classes, from using new assessment tools to provide school staff with flexibility to pursue innovative learning models.
In order to achieve these objectives the AJS management identifies the need to strengthen school leadership, which can exert control over all of these challenges simultaneously. We recognised our requirement for a more focused and skillful leadership to ensure that teachers can operate in an environment that values and takes advantage of their skills and expertise.

With our new academic leadership structure and their revised roles we aim to influence all the conditions that allow our school and students to thrive in setting the right bar with the potential to strengthen school culture, elevate instruction, and ensure that all students graduate and are career-ready.

We warmly welcome our senior leadership team and very shortly we would be sharing their detailed profiles with you!

Celebrating Learning & Achievement 2016-17
University of Cambridge, May - June 2017 Exams: We are happy to share with you that excellent results were achieved by our Grades 10 to 12 students at IGCSE, AS and A levels. The executive management and the school heads congratulate all the parents whose children have brought laurels to both themselves, to their parents and to the school. The hard work of senior faculty members and the students who have put in the best of their efforts to produce such enviable results is highly commendable. We dearly appreciate parental monitoring, guidance and support students receive at home, without which students would not have achieved such excellent results.


1. Anish Madan Lal - 5A*, 1A
2. Manahil - 5A*, 1A
3. Mohd. Abdulbasit - 5A*, 1A, 1B
4. Maheen Masood - 5A*, 1B
5. Mohd. Sherif - 5 A*, 1B
6. Lamees Elmamoun - 4A*, 2A, 1B
7. Abdelrahman Reda - 4 A*, 1A, 1B
8. Mohd. Rehan - 4 A*, 1A, 1B
9. Mohd. Abdul Halim - 3 A*, 3A
1. 1. Mohd. Haris Ali - 4a
2. Zayed Mohiyuddin - 4a
3. Eshan Fernandes - 4a
4. Zohratu Sharaf - 4a
5. Praveen Peter Dhas - 3a, 1b
6. Salman Khalid - 3a
7. Muhanad El Fateh - 3a
8. Mariyam Shabaneh - 3a
9. Museera Moghis - 3a
10. Zinnat Islam - 3a
11. Samar Bengawi - 3a
1. Bakthawar Imtiaz - 4A*
2. Arsalan Nadeem - 3 A*
3. Maria Muhammad - 3 A*
4. Yasmina Kamal - 2A*, 1A
5. Aiman Hidayat - 1A8, 2A
6. Salva Umar - 1A*, 2A


 Our hearty congratulations to our Grade 6 students, class of 2016 -17, for their commendable performance in Final Examinations & we wish them all the very best for their endeavours in High School.