Important information to make note of:

Punctuality: We would like to encourage all our pupils to be punctual for school. This is in line with our school value of ‘Commitment’, and the responsible behaviour that is involved when our pupils live out this value. We would appreciate it if parents could make the effort to take their children to school on time. The school gates will be closed at 7.30 am. If you take your child to school after 7.30 am, your child will need to enter the school via gate A1.

The names of pupils who are late will be recorded – a letter will be sent to the parents of pupils who are late more than 3 times and disciplinary action will be taken against such students, including extended learning time at school after 2:00 pm/ Saturday school.

Uniform & Books: All students must come in neat Uniform and bring their books according to their time table. Most parents will have already collected books and uniforms in readiness for the first day of school. Should you have any problems with either please contact the Vice Principal /Class teacher via front office. Children must wear full school uniform each day to school.

Baseline Assessment ( for Grades 1 to 12): As informed in the year end circular, students of all Grade levels will take Baseline line assessment for the selected topics done in previous grade level for all the Core and compulsory subjects. The Baseline Assessment shall take place from 17th to 21st Sept 2017 for Grades 1 to 12. These will be part of their formative assessments and impact on forecast grades and will facilitate target setting for students. This good practice will help the students to do well in their class academically.
Note: The Topics and details of Baseline assessments were sent through year end circular
(Cir/AJB/20016/1725/PPl/Jun. 2017; Dated: 19.06.2017). Please find attached the same for our new students in
their school diaries.

School Diary: This is to be brought to school every day to note homework. Parents are encouraged to check and sign the diary daily without fail.

Student Class allocation: As notified in the year end circular dated 19th June, 2017 - The classes are allocated to students giving careful consideration to the demographic details, the number of boys and girls in a class (from KG to Gr.12), students’ learning styles and learning aptitudes. AJS recruits the best possible teachers after a screening process by the Human Resources and Academic departments and we believe that learning happens through good student centered teaching and not through a preferred teacher. Therefore, we strongly advise you to abstain from making requests for change of sections. The decision of the school is final.

Celebration Of Student Birthdays In School: Kindly note that school does not allow celebration of Birthdays, cutting cakes in the classroom. Students are allowed to come in a decent coloured dress on the day of their birthday; however school does not permit the students to bring and distribute any kind of foodstuff including chocolates and toffees. Please be assured that at Al Ain Juniors, student’s health, safety and security are given the highest priority. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that our teachers and other members of staff deliver the best services for the benefit of our students in important matters of child protection, health, discipline and behavior as per our Policy which is in line with ADEC and Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) regulations. We always work with our valued parents and students to ensure that Federal and National Safety Regulations are enforced.

Meeting School Personnel Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Principal/Vice Principal/SEN Coordinator/HODs/Teachers/Counsellors if you have any concern about your child's education. Prior Appointments can be made via front office as per the Meeting Schedule/ teachers time table.

Parent’s Evening – Orientation Grades 1 to 12: Dates of the Curriculum Evening of Gr.1 to Gr. 12 is as follows:
Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

It is mandatory for every parent to attend the Orientation.


Thank you for your support and partnership in the holistic education of your child!

- AJB Administration