Awards and Achievements 2017 - 2018

  • Congratulations to Maheen Masood, Aaliya Nujum Navaz, Seethalekshmi Kishore winners of the Prestigious Hamdan Award for the year 2018.
    Al Ain Juniors School are the only Non- Arab school to win this award this year in Al Ain.

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  • UAEU Sports Olympics 2018

    Congratulations to all participants and the PE Department for their astonishing accomplishments in the UAEU Sports Olympics 2018.

    sports uaeu olympics 2018

    In the school category, Al Ain Juniors School participated in Badminton, Swimming, Basketball, Football and qualified for the Women's category.

    uaeu olympics ajs champions

    After the shining performance in the women's category, they defeated teams of UAEU, ADU, Dubai Police Club etc. and become the Overall Champions with Prize money of AED 10,000.
  • Madar Basketball Championship 2018

    Al Ain Juniors School Girls team were champions in 2nd Madar Basketball Championship 2018 held at MADAR international School Al Ain.

    madar basketball news 2018
  • Year of Zayed Painting Competition

    Neha Mohammad Noushad of Grade 7 won the 5th position in the Year of Zayed Painting Contest. There were 12500 entries from 100 schools.

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    Neha Mohammad Noushad, Grade 7 Al Ain Juniors School
  • Indian Social Centre Abu Dhabi – Athletic Meet AJ with 32 Medals

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    Amoga Shetty 5 Silver Medals

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    Jomal Jose 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze

    indian social center 5 News 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Shivani 2 Silver and 2 Bronze

    indian social center 6 News 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Qamar 1 gold and 1 Silver

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     Boys  Girls
    1. Mohamad Qamar
    1st Place – Shotput
    2nd Place – Long Jump
    1. Shivani T.K.
    2nd Place- 100 m race
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m relay
    3rd Place – Long Jump
    3rd Place – 200 m race
    2. Mohamad Taha
    1st Place – Long Jump
    3rd Place – 100 m race
    3rd Place – 200 m race
    2. Ashley Mony
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m relay
    3rd Place – Long Jump
    3rd Place – 200 m race
    3. Jomal Jose
    1st Place – Long Jump
    2nd Place – Shotput
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m race
    3rd Place – 100 m race
    3. Sumayyah Subakhathula
    2nd Place – Shotput
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m relay
    3. Joel Joshy
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m relay
    3rd Place – Shotput
    4. Amogha Shetty
    2nd Place – Shotput
    2nd Place – Long Jump
    2nd Place – 100 m race
    2nd Place – 200 m race
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m relay
    4. Mohd Etisham Farooq
    3rd Place - 4 X 100 m relay
    5. Aliya Nujum Navaz
    3rd Place – Long Jump
    3rd Place – Shotput
    5. Jeswin Sabu
    2nd Place – 4 X 100 m relay
    3rd Place – Long Jump
    6. Angela Mony
    2nd Place 25 m race
    6. Afzal Nujum Navaz
    3rd Place – Shotput

  • Year of Zayed 2018 - Inter School Arabic competition

    Department of Islamic Studies and UAE Social Studies of Al Ain Juniors School hosted Inter School Competition to commemorate the “Year of Zayed—2018” on Thursday 22nd February 2018 at AJ Auditorium.

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    Winners - Booklet Competition Arabic

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    Guests from Academic Quality Assurance - ADEK

    The event began with welcome Address by the Mr. Mohammad Gaffar, Acting Principal. Mr. Ibrahim from AQA, ADEK inaugurated the event. Ms. Reem Mohammad and Ms. Mehreen Addressed the gathering by highlighting the role of the late leader in establishing the UAE Federation, and his local, regional and international achievements. Ms. Besan of Grade 9 mesmerized the audience with beautiful recitation of the poem “Year of Zayed”.

    Year of year4 News 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Quick evaluation by Mr. Nazeer from AQA - ADEK

    Year of year8 News 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Chit chat with tiny talents

    Year of year5 News 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Mr. Ibrahim and CEO with Artist Mr. Murukanadan

    Year of year3 News 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Traditional Arabic Dance

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  • UAE Topper for Thinking Skills at the Cambridge International Examinations 2017

    Congratulations to Praveen Peter Dhas, Al Ain Juniors School who gained the highest mark in UAE for High Achievement in Cambridge International AS Level Thinking Skills, June 2017.

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  • Program your idea 2017

    Congratulations!!! Adarsh Anil Kumar of grade 12 and Liam Charles of grade 11 for 3rd place in the "Program Your Idea" computer programming competition organized by ADEK.
    They won a trophy, medal, and iPad for their project named "Virtudemy". They competed in the open category.

    your programe idea news 2018 800 x 400 dimensions

    Vatsa Bhagvani, Soha Khan and Vishaka Jadav of grade 12 won the Runner-up trophy for their project "AJucate" in Cycle 3 (scratch programming) category.
    In the Cycle 2 category. Swizel Pereira, Melvika Riya D' Souza and Fatema Ujjainwala won runner-up trophy for their project "Cooking with Maths" (scratch programming).

    All the participants received AED 500. Gift Voucher.

    Out of more than 200 projects, 10 projects from each category were shortlisted for the final event. Congratulations to Mr. Ahmed Navas for guiding the children for three excellent projects. He is also recognized with an iPad and a medal
  • AJN Sports Day 2017

    Ready! Set! Go! Be ready to be amazed by the extraordinary performances of our little athletes who were shining like little stars during this event. What a fantastic morning the children had on 7th December 2017 at Alain Sports Club. We started the day with a students parade followed by the torch-bearing ceremony.

    sports day 10
    sports day 11
    sports day 12
    sports day 7
  • Student’s Karting Cup - UAE National Championship 2017

    students karting cup UAE national championship 800 x 400 dimensions

    2nd Place Melvin Jeyakumar
    3rd Place Kelvin Jeyakumar
  • Our Own Inter School Football Tournament 2017

    Kudos to AJ Under 16 Boys Football Team for reigning the tournament for three consecutive years 2015, 2016 and 2017-Hat Trick Trophy.

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  • Madar Marathon 2017

    The Marathon was organized by Madar International School last February 4, 2017 at Al Ain Equestrian Club. It was participated by selected AJ students and Shivani T.K. of 7C finished Second Place in the Girls 2K Race Category.

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  • Sports day 2017 1

    Mesmerizing Sports day at Al Ain Juniors School

    The 27th sports day organized by Al Ain juniors as part of the UAE’s Year of giving enthralled the public with the exceptional display of talents and skills. The sports meet was organized with the theme ‘from children to children’ with the aim of inculcating among the students the value of ‘Joy in Giving’. 

    Sports day 2017 6

    Sports day 2017 3

    More than 2500 students participated march past and the Giving parade which followed it filled the parents and spectators with excitement and jubilance. The mesmerizing displays and the formations based on UAE’s Mars mission made the public spellbound.

    The thought-provoking words of the chief guest, Mr. Salam RAkkath Al Amari instilled in the heart of the spectators the urgent need for charity and helping the weak and those who are deprived of basic needs of life. “This initiative not only a novel act but also one that could inspire the children to develop and foster in them the humane values and one that could raise the moral of those who are deprived of their basic rights and needs”, he said