Al Ain Juniors British Curriculum

Our British System offers Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International A Level qualifications, accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education who are part of the University of Cambridge. The British exam curriculum is designed as a 6 year programme, leading to some of the most widely recognised qualifications for admission into higher education in universities around the world.

During Grades 7-8, students are introduced to the foundations of the knowledge they will need to follow the iGCSE courses of their choice. In Grade 9 our students choose a minimum of six subjects for the exams conducted in Grades 10 and 11. In Grade 12, students are encouraged to take a minimum of three subjects for their 'A' level qualification.
International Recognition

The iGCSE has international credibility as an educational qualification. Along with the GCE 'A' Level it is accepted as a preliminary requirement for entry to all UK universities and many other universities around the world.
Independent Learning

Under the GCSE system, a lot of learning is project and course work based, enouraging students to move away from dependence on the teacher and to a level of autonomy where they can monitor for their own learning. Our students are also encouraged to formulate and express their own ideas using theory, applied knowledge and critical thinking. This provides a strong foundation for success in their university years.
Suitability for all Students

The IGCSE is suitable for the entire ability range. It has an 8-point scale of grades from A* to G, with truly outstanding students achieving an A*. The scheme of examinations also offeres a choice between core and extended curricula, based on the interests and abilities of the student. We ensure that all of our students are offered the opportunity to follow the extended curriculum so that they are able to achieve the highest grades.

Al Ain Juniors offers a wide range of assessment techniques appropriate to the different skills and attributes of each subject. These tests include oral and listening tests, practicals, project work, performance and course work as well as conventional written examinations of various kinds.

Subjects offered at iGCSE

Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics


Subjects offered at GCSE O-levels

Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, Urdu


Subjects offered at A-level

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, IT, Accounting, Business, Economics