School Leadership

  • aj school leadership aishahMrs. Aishah Siddiqua

    Al Ain Juniors Schools

    Mrs. Aishah Siddiqua has been teaching and in a leadership position for over 19 years and has experience both in India and overseas. Aishah is always excited about promoting Al Ain Juniors' philosophy of "nurture our young people to be achievers of extraordinary determination, who set right goals in areas of education, morality, attitude, and ethics and values."
  • mrs.rachelMrs. Rachel Freddy

    Phase Coordinator 1-3
    Al Ain Juniors School - British System

    Rachel Freddy is the Phase Coordinator (Grades 1 to 3) students of British Division in Al Ain Juniors School for more than a decade, with a personal motto,' Reach for the Top '. A post graduate in English and nearly 20 years of experience in teaching students of different ages from kindergarten to college, Rachel is well aware of the need to provide a stimulating, caring and happy environment in which the students have every opportunity to individually excel.
  • mrs.sreejaMrs. Sreeja

    Phase Coordinator 4-6
    Al Ain Juniors School - British System
  • mrs.anitaMrs. Anita Sadique

    Phase Coordinator 7-8
    Al Ain Juniors School - British System
  • aj school leadership sharfunissaMrs. Sharfunnisa

    Phase Coordinator 9-10
    Al Ain Juniors School - British System

    Being a Phase Coordinator and Maths teacher she is quick in decision making and problem solving. She is highly enthusiastic about keeping herself updated in her subject and administration work. She is self motivated and inspires others. She radiates confidence, vigour and gusto in her colleagues. Above all she has a very positive attitude.
  • mrs.cecilyMrs. Cecily Davies

    Phase Coordinator 11 -12
    Al Ain Juniors School - British System