World Scholars Cup (WSC) Global Round in Doha and London

Round of applause for these remarkable minds who have made us proud on the global stage.

Aliya Nujum Navaz
Judith Susan Bobby
Zaynah Sahid Malik

They represented the UAE at the World Scholars Cup (WSC) Doha Global Round, showcasing their brilliance and passion for knowledge!


Ayesha Javid
Mustabshira Tahir

A big shoutout to these incredible individuals who stood tall at the World Scholars Cup London Global Round, leaving their mark on the International academic arena! And the celebrations continue as both teams have qualified for the Ohio Tournament of Champions! Your dedication, hard work, and thirst for learning are an inspiration to us all.

Keep shining bright, and we can't wait to see the heights you'll reach next!

 WSC Doha Collage

WSC London Collage

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