GYLC; Experience of a lifetime

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Our venture to the ‘land of the free’ opened up new horizons to explore and conquer.

The ten-day long Global Young Leaders Conference organized by Envision Experience along with Manhattan College held in the USA enabled us to break our through our comfort zones and acquire knowledge worth a lifetime.

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One of our sessions

It wasn't an easy task to match and debate with few of the most brilliant students from the world. But our preparations and experience from the AJMUN aided us to be proficient in elucidation and enhanced are problem-solving capabilities. It built our leadership qualities and molded us as a whole to be able to represent different nations and adopt their international stands without being self-biased. Our participation in the AJMUN as Director Generals and Chairmen provided us with the required qualities to overcome all the obstacles of diplomatic debates.

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Hence, our ability to think quickly and speak eloquently allowed us to occupy the positions of chairman, assistant chairman and speaker of the mock sessions conducted there. Both of us were put through training activities that helped us to achieve the standard required by world delegates.

It was a great honor for us to be able to interact with several global leaders and gain their insights on the issues present in the world. These included the head of World Bank, Ambassador of Peace Players, American Ambassador to China and many other renowned individuals whose jobs play a crucial role in world peace.

It was also a privilege to visit the world-renowned historical sites in Washington D.C and New York to understand the true culture of those patriots. The highlight of the journey was our opportunity to represent and speak on behalf of the nation of Brazil in the UN World Headquarters.

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In conclusion, we would like to say the overall experience was both interesting and enriching with knowledge and offered us with immense confidence.


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