Presidential Debate 2019

Posted by Isaac Padia, Gr10

The presidential debate was held on the 29th of September 2019 in the AJS Auditorium. It was one eventful battle with heating questions and excellent responses.

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The vice presidential debate came first. There were two male candidates: Zuhair Muhammad and AbdulRehman as well as four female candidates: Yamama, Lama, Muntaha and Tasnim. Many questions were asked to the candidates mostly about individual policies and the required skill sets. All of them rose to the challenge, but quite a few humorous mishaps occurred too. The candidates answers in utter poise and respect, making them all competent for their posts.After the election, the male vice president was Zuhair and the female vice president was Tasnim.

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The real gem to witness was the presidential debate itself. It was a battle between two amiable titans. The presidential debate, in Al Ain Juniors was nothing short of exemplary. The two candidates, Ahmad Aziz and Mahreen Munir, are personifications of what it means to be a young person in the 21st century. It answered a burning question in the back of everyone’s minds, “what happens when two qualified, intelligent and ambitious people run for the same position?” As it turns out, the answer is sheer sensation.

Mahreen started out with a structured, concise agenda filled out with many student concerns. Ahmad singled out issues of vital importance to the faculty and student body. Both candidates were respectful and friendly to one another — something that is exceedingly rare. Personally, this made both equally likeable. Ahmad expressed a desire to rectify disciplinary issues as well as several injustices he came across. Mahreen focused on the student body itself, their main concerns and their health issues; something that was executed perfectly.

Ultimately, Mahreen won. Perhaps, the candidates will collaborate and usher us into a fair and effective school environment.

-Isaac Padia, Grade 10 E

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