Student Council Elections 2019-2020

Posted by Amber Eliserio Gr. 12 B

It is that time of the year when sheets of paper were printed in tens before being cut into multiple slips that advertise the person who printed them.

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A time when the well-known, and some newcomers gather up their courage as they talk about their plans and their visions. It is that time of the year when vest coats, shirt frills, and neckties are filled with chits of paper and students walking around like billboards — it is the student council elections

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Last week, we witnessed the campaign period on Thursday during the last two periods where candidates went door to door to promote themselves and their fellow hopefuls. Hectic bustling and muffled cheers echo through hallways as a group of candidates finishes their campaign in one class to go to the next.

When entering a class, you’ll be greeted with thirty-or-so pairs of eyes, all analyzing, all judging, all observing. They too want the best for their school so they listen intently to the promises made by the candidates as they hope that their peers who win the elections will be able to keep their promises and work with the same energy they have exhibited during their campaign.

On Sunday, the presidential debate was held; those running for Vice Presidents and the head of it all, the President; young women and men dressed smartly as their minds and intent are being dissected by their peers and teachers.

Each candidate was able to provide an insight of their vision for their school, but that didn’t happen without the nerves as they wait in the library or their respective classrooms, buzzing in anticipation for the questioning. Their friends pat their backs and reassure them that they are ready.

Monday was the day that candidates and voters have been waiting for. At eight in the morning, The candidates were gathered in the chemistry lab and were briefed on what they cannot do as it would have led to immediate disqualification.

The volunteers were also briefed in the same no-nonsense manner. They were told to be diligent — to watch out for desperate candidates trying to get a last-minute supporter or suspicious students who want to make sure that their friend wins.

The time came and my class was called to line up to cast our votes in. Before that, we went through the same process as the rest of the school to ensure fair voting. We were grouped by house- flames, Rockies, tornadoes, rapids before we approached the ICT lab to choose our representatives. Our names were checked on a list and our nails were marked green before we entered.

The order of voting was like this: assistant sports captains first, then the main sports captains. Next were the secretaries Before the person then selected their house to choose their assistant and main house captains. The Vice Presidents, male and female like the previous posts, were selected before finally deciding between the two candidates up for the presidential position.

On Tuesday, the newly elected council was introduced on stage. Whistling and cheers erupted as the names of the winners were announced. Congratulations were exchanged throughout the day between fellow council members to each other, as well as opponents to winners, and between friends.

- Amber Eliserio Gr. 12B

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