AJB Teacher’s Day.

Posted by Mayisa Khan, Gr.10

The 9th of October marked an indelible day for the heartfelt smiles seen on our teachers that day — it was AJB Teacher’s Day!

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It was a joyous event arranged by the student council and student body for our beloved teachers to express our gratitude for all the hard work they put into us. There were three main events that took place that day.

To begin with, the seniors of AJB were student teachers for the day, as they took over the classes to provide a sense of relaxation to the teachers and get a first-hand experience of a teacher’s life. A timetable was set and each student-teacher took over their allotted classes with a new and innovative teaching style. Each student teacher added their flavor to the way they taught the lessons, which kept the junior classes intrigued and excited. The seniors had done an impeccable job at teaching their respective classes, leaving the teachers impressed and the students content.

Thereafter, a heart-warming assembly was arranged to welcome all our teachers and student body. Special handmade cards made by the official AJB creative team were handed out as soon as the assembly has begun. Then, lively games planned by the student council brought cheerful smiles all around the teachers and audience.
The games commenced with Charades, an all-time favorite game. Anyone could sense the aura of competitiveness around the teachers as each team gave their all in each of the games

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This game was followed by the Blindfolded Pictionary game. Seeing the perplexed faces on each of the team members’ faces as a teacher drew an object blindfolded was incredibly amusing.

Subsequently, the Saree-Tie game was played where the male teachers had to wear a saree and the female teachers had to tie a tie within a given amount of time. This was an entertaining game as we had seen unforgettable sights of our male teachers wearing sarees. Ms. Samina had won the tie game where she tied the tie flawlessly within seconds.
Then, the Running Tic Tac Toe game was played with the female teachers. The competitiveness of each of the teams kept the game exciting until the very end.

Next, the Push-Up competition for our male teachers was held. It was a tough match between the male teachers as each kept going. Seeing our teachers do push-ups was a memorable sight.

Finally, the most exciting game of all was played: Tug of War. It was played between the teachers and the senior students of AJB and the event concluded with tumultuous applause after this game.

The gaming events were followed by lunch for all of the teachers along with an amusing show. As the teachers ate, the senior students — dressed up as their teachers — imitated their teachers’ signature dialogues. The show had spread the auditorium with delightfulness and laughter. To end the remarkable event, a special video made by the council members was played for the teachers to show our gratitude and love for them. It was a beautiful event and the students will never forget the smiles on their teacher’s faces and the hugs they received from them. This event is not enough to extend our appreciation for everything our teachers do for us.


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