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“Bluevember” was the special name given by the AJB Student Council to the month of November as it is the Diabetes Awareness Month and was organized to spread cognizance about the illness.

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It was officially announced to the student body on 1st November 2019.

The AJB student council used social media as their main awareness spreading tool in order to reach out to as many users as possible. Several competitions were held between the student body to encourage them to take part in the event, learn about the disease and raise awareness. The Bluevember Social Media Contest encouraged students to create videos, take pictures or create gifs to educate others about diabetes. The council received beautiful and artistic entries. The champions of the contest were Katrina and Meera. Runner up was Onithi Sakithma and the third place was received by Moreen Munir.

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Thereafter, the Blue Hand Paint Mural was painted with the handprints of our respective teachers and student body which marked the symbol of awareness and unity for people suffering from juvenile diabetes of both types.

Then, the Bluevember Awareness Program was held for all students of AJB. The entertaining and confident hosts were Hossam, John, Muntaha, and Suad. The program commenced with slam poetry by Zuhair, Tasnim and Mahreen that expressed how diabetic patients are fighters who are still students, athletes, teachers and do not let any sickness get the best of them. Thereafter, the winners of the social media contest were awarded on stage by Sir Gaffar and Sir Manoj.

This was followed by a speech given by the fighters of our school: Mr. Manoj and Hisham. It was an inspiring speech that really gave us an insight into the lives of the fighters. Then, a mime was presented by the talented Grade 8 girls of our school, that showcased the causes and symptoms of Diabetes. Finally, a beautiful song performance was given by the talented Lindsay, who left the audience speechless.

Finally, the most awaited part of Bluevemeber arrived: “The Blue Beat Run.” This was a Walkathon which was essentially a parade spreading awareness to all of the students in Al Ain Juniors School. The AJB Arts Team did an absolutely incredible job in designing artistic and breathtaking posters for the walk, which were displayed throughout the walkathon. Students played drumbeats to excite and catch the attention of the audience. Students and teachers had blue face paints and wore blue accessories to show their support for the cause. Our media team did a magnificently dope job on spreading the word, compiling all the entries and the filming of this incredible month. It was an unforgettable month!

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